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Company Background

Ethicli is a free browser extension that makes ethical shopping easier by providing you with company ethics info and ethical product suggestions.

Our goal is to make it easier and therefore encourage people to shop ethically, which will pressure the entire industry to behave more ethically. We believe people want to do the right thing and support companies that align with their values and they just need a little bit of help.

No one has the time or energy to research the ethics of every company they shop from and every product they buy. So we built Ethicli to show a simple score out of 10 that you can see at a glance to the corner of your screen. And you can click through to see more detailed information about why a company got that score. So now you know how ethical a company is, but what now? If you find yourself on a less ethical shop site, we will show an ethical product alternative so that you can get the same product you're already shopping for from a more ethical company.

Download Ethicli for Chrome or Firefox.

Full blog article Introducing Ethicli here.

How It Started...

Ethicli was started in May of 2020 after Billy T. became dissatisfied with how difficult it was to find ethical alternatives. Nervously, he gathered a team of three other really nice, driven, and ethically minded people. The team quickly got to work and has put thousands of hours into making Ethicli a reality. We hope that with your support, Ethicli will grow and push companies to adopt more ethical practices.

Management/Staff Bios

The Ethicli team works remotely from the state of California, USA.

Billy T.🖥️

Billy T. Hernandez

Computer Science Major at Sacramento State University with a passion for the environment. Manages process, timeline, and contributes to the full code stack.


Amy Tims

Conservationist focused on resource equity. Helps decide how data are weighed in the overall score, and liasons with ethical companies and users.


Linda Huang

Web designer interested in sustainability. Develops website, front-end extension design, marketing materials, and branding.

Noteworthy Statistics

  • Ethicli has diverted over $1,000 to more ethical companies with the help of our users
  • Over 10,000 businesses scored
  • Over 100 users

Social Media

Social Media Sample Posts

You can find sample share-able descriptions below if you'd like to share Ethicli. We've also included a graphic you can post when you download our media assets. Happy sharing!

Sample 1: Ethicli is a free browser extension that makes ethical shopping easier by providing you with company ethics info and ethical product suggestions. Check them out at

Sample 2: We all want to make purchases that align with our values. So whether it’s recommending jeans made from sustainably-sourced fabric, or exchanging coffee beans in your cart for ones from a Black-owned business, Ethicli’s got your back. Join the movement for tangible economic, social, and environmental solutions at

Media Assets

Please use the download link below to get the full high quality assets. Some sample assets are shown below.

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