Team Ethicli

Ethicli was started in May of 2020 after Billy T. became dissatisfied with how difficult it was to find ethical alternatives. Nervously, he gathered a team of really nice, driven, and ethically minded people. The team quickly got to work and has put thousands of hours into making Ethicli a reality. We hope that with your support, Ethicli will grow and push companies to adopt more ethical practices. Thanks for joining us! Full blog article Introducing Ethicli here.

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Billy T.🖥️

Billy T. Hernandez

Computer Science Major at Sacramento State University with a passion for the environment. Manages process, timeline, and contributes to the full code stack.


Amy Tims

Conservationist focused on resource equity. Helps decide how data are weighed in the overall score, and liasons with ethical companies and users.


Linda Huang

Web designer interested in sustainability. Develops website, front-end extension design, marketing materials, and branding.

Previous Members

  • Cosmo Stevens - Backend Software Engineer

Work Ethicli

Interested in building ethical products with Ethicli? We want to hear from you! Please email us your resume at

You'll be sure to get:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Influence over product direction
  • Supportive teammates
Laptop and house plant